Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As my digital printer isn't working I've been looking at other ways to decorate fabric. My first try was cutting out a leaf, attaching it to an old block and printing. I just placed the leaf randomly and didn't really think to much about the spacing etc
Obviously the secret is the application of the paint to the lino, to much makes blobs and spreads, and to little limits the coverage.

The great thing is that you can print light on dark which I couldn't do with the digital printer. Not much compensation I must admit but at the moment I don't have much option!


Anabel Fournier said...

I know the feeling. I tried block printing a few months ago and it did not work very well. I think I will try again sometime soon. Do you have Lena Corwin's book Printing by Hand? It is very good :-)

Jesse said...

Your white prints on dark fabric are much better than my attempts - I really struggle with that!

knotaway said...

What kind of paint are you using?
For block printing, paint is not the best option. Block printing ink has a totally different consistency and works much better. Places like Hobby Lobby should have several colors to choose from, and they can be mixed to create other colors, too.