Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leaf printing

My second attempt at printing, this time using leaves. The effects are fantastic but it is rather a messy process. The most difficult thing is getting the ink on the stem and leaving enough space to hold it when you place it on the fabric.

I don't have a very big garden so I've started looking for leaves where ever I go . This leaf is some type of lemon scented herb that I found in a friends' garden. It worked well but unfortunately I don't have more leaves to practise with. I 've planted a slip which is growing well but will be a while before I can pick the leaves.

This is a geranium leaf which also worked quite well. Apparently the softer and more furry the leaf the better. If it's shiny and smooth the dye doesn't penetrate well and you don't get such nice detail.

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Jesse said...

Fascinating! It really looks like fun.