Monday, April 15, 2013

Purple Cellini Spiral

My latest cellini spiral. I'm trying to improve my tension so that the finished necklace is more flexible and not so tight. It is quite difficult because the tighter the tension the more even it looks but it doesn't curve around the neck or wrist so nicely. I love this colour combo with the lime and the purple.

I have progressed a bit further and added in some larger beads for the front of the necklace. Still not sure about how this looks and may revert to the same beads all the way around.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Walking the cliff path

Walking the cliff path in Hermanus, where I live,is an amazing experience. I suppose living in such a beautiful place you stop noticing the magnificent surroundings! This was about an 18km walk along the seafront, most of it on the path through the 'fynbos' (natural vegetation) and occasionally back onto the road. We walked at a leisurely pace and took about 5 hours, stopping for breakfast on the way. What a wonderfull way to spend a Saturday morning.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cell Phone Cover

I'm having a love/ hate relationship with my new cell phone at the moment. It has a touch screen which I am finding EXTREMELY difficult to control. I thought if I made a nice, soft, felt cover for it, it would stop sending random blank messages to random people! The good think about it is that when I master the camera it should make blogging photos much easier. It is rather tedious carrying a camera around all the time, ever though it does take far better pics!