Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I saved this pic a while ago and can't remember where I found it, so apologies to who ever it belongs to! I love buttons but must admit my collection is looking a bit sad at the moment. Most items you buy nowdays have those awful plastic buttons... what happened to all the beautiful wooden, tortoise shell and mother-of-pearl buttons?


Muzhaeva said...

Dear friend, are you really living in Hermanus? :)

Muzhaeva said...

Oh! I traveled a lot, but better than Hermanus saw nothing. You're lucky that you live in such a beautiful place!If you no trouble, you could not from time to time for me to photograph the ocean, whales, life in your city. I'll be very grateful! We were in last year's in festival We wanted to fly this year. But I have a long period of pregnancy and the doctor forbade distant flight. Thank you!