Friday, May 23, 2014

Mysterious Whales of our World

I recently received this exquisite book, as a gift, from a very talented friend of mine.She is an artist and papermaker and both these skills come together in the form of this beautifully handcrafted book. 

The book is entitled "Mysterious Whales of our World" which is particularly pertinent to my home town of Hermanus.
 Hermanus is fondly known as the watching whale capital of the world! The whales are visible from the cliff paths that surround the town and in some places, come within 5m of the coastline.
I love the subtle effect of the embossing on the handmade paper.

One of the pages in the book in has fish 'embedded' in the paper (not sure how she does it...artists secret!)

A close of the incredible detail of the pen & ink drawing.

The intricate spine and handmade paper...reflecting the calming colours of the sand and the ocean.