Monday, June 27, 2011


Still with the beading, I have become fascinated with making shapes and 3-d effects. Besides the obvious hearts and balls I came across this starfish and as it is with these things, everywhere I look I see starfish. This one is made by sally starfish and can be found on etsy. With starfish on my mind I couldn't help but notice this felt starfish on etsy made by fog and swell.

This is my creation, a cellini spiral and 3-d starfish which can be slipped off if you prefer the necklace on it's own.The small beads are iridescent shades of dark green highlighted with a crystal bead in a champagne colour.There is a third bead in the mix but is a bit difficult to see in the pic.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Necklaces for a wedding. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of the necklaces, only the packaging!

Won't make that mistake again! They were rather beautiful in crystal, white and silver beads with a hint of grey.

The cards were attached with white thread and matching beads. I was very happy with the outcome and hope the bride was too!

This is a "Cellini Spiral "and uses over 3000 beads. The pics don't really do it justice, this "bead photography" is completely different to photographing fabric. I took some close ups but they were all out of focus so I need a bit more practise. My digital printing is now a thing of the past and I intend to restock my shop with beaded products. I need to build up a bit of a range and then hopefully start selling again. I do really enjoy the beading but it is extremely time consuming. I love the textures you can create by changing the size or type of bead, the colour combinations and different designs. It really is a learning curve for me but I am loving every moment !