Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I came across this fantastic blog myhandboundbooks a while ago and have been hooked ever since! I went onto u tube and found a tutorial on bookbinding and let me assure you, it is far more difficult than it looks! The pic below is my third attempt and looks O.K. but the cover still has to be attached and that's very tricky. The most difficutl part, I think, is getting the thread pulled tight without tearing the paper. The thread is covered in wax (I just rubbed it over a candle) and stiched in rather a complicated pattern creating a sort of chain stich up the spine of the book.
This is my second attempt and as you can see, very loose. I did manage to attach a cover but not a covered spine. Now of course the next step is paper. The paper I used is recycled but not 'rustic' or 'handmade' enough. I did a paper making course a long time ago and all I remember is a lot of messy pulp and lots of water. I think I 'll just have to scrounge some scraps from a very clever papermaking friend!
I also think that the more natural the paper the less it matters how precisely the pages are cut or fit. Reading other bookbinding blogs I am amazed at what they 'bind'-used envelopes, old letters, back of cards, wrapping paper, the list is endless!

Well, I'm going to keep trying and hope to improve. At the moment it takes ages and an overheated computer from stopping and starting the tutorial over and over again. I have a book but the instructions are not easy, for me anyway, to follow.The most exciting thing is decorating the covers but I havn't quite got there yet!

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Jesse said...

How exciting! Something I've always wanted to do - I'll enjoy watching your progress.