Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pin cushions

This is my pincushion that one of my children made for me about 10 years ago and for that reason I am reluctant to stop using it, although it is starting to look a bit worse for wear! I 've been noticing pincushion all over the place and have listed some that I like.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this beautiful crochet pincushion other that to say it was somewhere on etsy.These little lovelies were spotted on skinny la minx's blog and were made by a lady called Beryl.

Finally, the blue colourway of the linen crocheted pincushion from the unknown crafter on etsy! I love tapestry and crochet and these have inspired me to combine the two and make some new pincushions for myself.


pondoki worms said...

Hi Dizzy. Thanks for compliments.The worms are interesting but don't keep me busy like my tapestry work does.At the moment I'm on a big project involving 25 pincushion size medalions, all different.Needs lots of thought to invent different designs & select colours. I was asked by our Stitcher group to make this project as a cushion to raffle for funds for charity but as far as I'm concerned no one is going to sit on it! In fact I might give the charity a lump sum & keep the thing for myself or children.I will frame it.It can be raffled for charity when I'm gone !


Freshly Found said...

I desperately need a pin cushion. That crocheted one is gorgeous. I must get round to making myself one!

pondoki worms said...

I have changed my blog name to beeatwoodsideblogspot.com.At least I didn't my grandson who came to help me with this toy suggested I change to this one.However this is not the reason I'm writing this. If you look at my blog you will see in a few days time some other tapestries I have done.I still keep my pondoki worms.