Saturday, May 16, 2009

bugs and beetles

Bugs, beetles, moths and butterflies have been used in design for centuries and I'm sure are second only to flowers and plants as inspiration for unusual colours and patterns. I have always been fascinated with insects and over the years have done quite a few drawings but have never really known what to do with them. After seeing the beautiful cushions made by Tara Badcock I decided to try the same concept, of printing over two different fabrics, using my 'bugs'.
I scanned my drawings, did a bit of work on them using Photoshop and then printed them on two different fabrics. I had to join them after printing because the seam can't go through the printer.

This process is very time consuming because you have to get the join exactly right but I am happy with the result.I have quilted the insect and added a few beads.

I have made cushion covers and they will be in my shop as soon as the weather improves and I can take some decent photographs. It is amazing how when you are working on something you seem to see it everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I went onto Jezze's site yesterday and saw her block printed beetle! I am so impressed by her patience in cutting out the blocks and printing each one so carefully onto tape. It adds a new meaning to my definition of 'time consuming!'

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Freshly Found said...

These are beautiful. I love the colour of top one and I love the way you've done printing over 2 fabrics.