Monday, January 26, 2009

A new year

I haven't given up blogging all together, but have been frantic getting the boys organized for the new academic year! Finally they are both sorted, one starting his grade 10 year and the other starting his BA in Brand Communication (a fancy word for advertising)!Those of you who have teenage children will understand the excitment and TERROR one feels when they finally leave home and venture out on their own. You never feel as if they will be able to cope on their own and are quite put out when they manage just fine without you! I have been busy during the holidays and have some new designs and other exciting things happening but have been a bit distracted. Will post my new design tomorrow!

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Freshly Found said...

I've also got one starting in Brand Communication at Vega in Durban! And I also seem to have had a slow start to the year. I had hoped to have so much more done by now.
Looking forward to your new projects!