Saturday, October 27, 2012


Thanks so much to Kinga from Amuleta Hu  for including me in her treasury. I love all the wonderful 'op art' designs,especially the black and white combos!

I haven't posted anything for almost 6 months and I feel as though some explanation is due! The truth is I have been working for an organization that works in the field of education. This is an area that is experiencing great difficulties in South Africa at the moment. I am involved in a project called 'Literacy and Numeracy Enrichment' which is self explanatory. I work mainly with Grade 1 learners who come to school without the basic necessary skills such as a knowledge of cutting, shapes, basic numeracy, sounds letters etc.
 The programme has been developed by an Occupational Therapist and so we do a fair amount of work developing gross and fine motor skills, visual perception etc. A lot of things that are taken for granted by parents of children who are brought up in 'priviledged' homes!
I do enjoy the work but it is extremely demanding and I just haven't had time to work on keeping my shop and blog updated. Anything creative has also taken a bit of a backseat and I am only doing what is absolutely necessary in that department. I do still look at other peoples blogs and really do admire the effort they put into them!  I will however try to blog more than once every six months!

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