Saturday, November 5, 2011

Optical illusions

Following on from my 'op art' bracelet, I used the left over beads to make this necklace. It creates and optical illusion as you move the piece around. From one side all the cool colours are visible and from the other the warm colours. This necklace was only in my shop for a few days before being sold so I am going to try some more in these colours.

Two new bracelets added to my shop. I have tried to create an optical illusion with these where the spiral of the pattern goes on way and the black and white beads go the opposite way.It does take a lot of concentration and they did take quite a long time to make!

I seem to be using the words 'optical illusion' rather often but I love playing with the colours to create 3-D effects and interesting textures. The concept of the stark contrast of black and white with a hint of another colour also appeals to me.

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