Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Beads

I have been busy beading (in between a number of family happenings, some not so good!)and have found the process really therapeutic. All of these necklaces are made from two very simple patterns, the colours creating the different effects. I have moved on to a bit more complicated designs and would you believe, more time consuming processes! I will post those soon.

This one I made for a friend and found the very simple envelope/box on the internet. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly where at the moment. You can use coloured paper or decorate the box to match the gift. I tried all sorts of complicated patterns and eventually settled on this one. It 's simply a matter of cutting a square and folding it. The staple is not really necessary and the trick is getting the right paper (too thick won't fold and too thin tears). The colours havn't come out so well and are much brighter and more shiny in real life. I will have to try and improve my photos!

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And So I Whisper said...

love your beaded necklaces.
Wishing you a good week!