Friday, November 13, 2009


Another interesting shop found on my travels to the Natal Midlands! The wind has blown the sign around but it is called etc etc!
I absolutely LOVE black and white checked floors. I know they can be a bit over the top but there is something about them that is sooooo appealing!

Pretty prints and orchids.

I also love vintage cups and saucers and have a small collection of my own. I always feels loathe to use them in case they get broken, but I suppose that is silly, they are no use if not enjoyed!


Jesse said...

It looks like a lovely shop.
I'm also nervous about my pretty teacups - some of them are so thin. I've started using them, but even so, some are for use only if we're going to be sitting down to drink tea. Definitely not for tea while working!

Freshly Found said...

I haven't been to this one yet. Will have to go there on my next trip into the Midlands