Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lavender wreath

There is so much lavender in the garden at the moment that we decided to make a lavender wreath. First we cut some shoots from the honeysuckle creeper and wound them into a circle ( I'm sure you could use wire) Then we picked loads of lavender flowers and, taking bunches of four flowers, laid them across the wreath and secured them with string.
Don't cut the stems, they form the bulk of the wreathKeep going, it is time consuming! As you can see, my son did it for me, I only took the pics!This is what the back looks like.

We have left it to dry and I will show you what it looks like in a couple of weeks time. It smells delicious !

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Freshly Found said...

Fantastic! Lovely to see just how to do it! Looking forward to seeing just how it dries!