Thursday, September 18, 2008

cats and things

I found this lovely cat pole on One Pretty Thing and thought it would be great for my feline, KitKat. She has ruined my couch and has how moved on to the carpet. She also loves the underneath part of the diningroom chairs and is systematically working her way through those!

Speaking of spoilt cats, this is the afore mentioned, Kitkat.
The weather in the Cape has been absolutely terrible, rain, more rain and gale force winds. As you can see some of us take no notice whatsoever and just sleep ALL DAY! To go outside is a real effort, much more fun to put your head down on a pillow, warm rug against your back and a soft couch under your weary body!

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Freshly Found said...

We have been so dry here - until this weekend. We finally have some of your rain too!