Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The whales have arrived!

The whales have arrived! Whale watching! The wonder and majesty of the whales frolicking in the bay as close as 10 metres from shore, breaching, sailing, spyhopping and lobtailing, playing with their babies, and engaging in amorous behaviour has to be seen to be believed.Hermanus has become world famous for the Southern Right whales that frequent the shores of this village from beginning of June to end of November each year. It is a unique whale-watching destination because of the fact that it offers one of the best land and boat-based whale watching in the world. Meet Wilson Salukazana, the world's only whale crier, who patrols the streets blowing his kelp horn and alerting you to the whereabouts of the whales.

Walker Bay is the best land base for whale watching in the world.

Seeing a whale leap out of the water in this stunning bay is really a site to see!

Having got so excited about the arrival of the whales to Hermanus I was so pleased to see all the whales on Etsy

Beautiful cards from Kandi

A tray from bluebirdlane.

This is a print of a painting from

An original painting by orangewillow

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Freshly Found said...

The whale leaping out of the water must be an amazing sight!