Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bags at last

At last, some bags! It is amazing how you go around full circle. When we first got involved in digital printing my husband's idea was to do promotional T-shirts and mine was to do personalized bags. Somehow I got side tracked with unsuitable bags and other things. Now I have finally arrived back at the point where I originally started!

The photos I have used are just for samples and the only recent one is of KitKat. It is extremely difficult to get a portrait photo of a cat, she is far to interested in the camera to pose!

Now I 've got another idea for the bags which I hope to have in my shop next week.

At the moment I am working frantically to get my cushions finished for the "Nest" exhibition next month.

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Jesse said...

I'm pleased to know you're involved in the Nest exhibition too!