Monday, May 26, 2008

Creating a new design

Following on from Jesse's step-by-step instructions of how to do a block print and how to upholster a cushion, I thought I would show you how I go about creating a new design. First, the idea! Living in a place that is home to prolific areas of "Fynbos"( Western Cape wild
flowers) one cannot but notice the proteas.

Next, the rough idea in colour. Trying to work out how to get colour into the backgroud and have the flowers in the negative.

A bit more detail and the concept of background 'waves' of colour.

Painting in colour, with even MORE detail!

Final artwork before touching up in photoshop.

The final product, recoloured, printed and in my shop!


Steffi said...

Wow...great work!I love it!You are really talented!

Marie-Louise said...

I like to see this working process...

thewren said...

Nicely Done. :)

Freshly Found said...

So interesting! I love these "How-to" posts. So intriguing and makes me want to try!